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Another Syrian Women rape victim in refugee camps in Turkey
-they raped my two daughters before my eyes/
A Syrian mother gives an account of the rape of her daughters: “Turkish military men in the camp raped my daughters, Fatima and Wafa, before my eyes, and filmed the scene so that I could not reveal the issue. They threatened me to publish the films in case that I inform anybody about the case.”
These accounts were only a small part of plights Syrian refugees, especially women and girls, face daily in Turkish and Jordanian camps. #stopviolenceagainstwomen #islam
Syrian Refugee Camp Rape Victim
Faten, 29, is one such girl, however not sold, but has been victim to rape. While she cleans her tears by her scarf, accounts the painful memory of being raped by four camp guards. She is from Al Wa’ar in Homs, who was raped by four camp guards when she was going to public bath. She says she would never forget the ‘horrific’ nightmare.
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